High Reg-Count but not Re-Reg-Count in 3GHz

Has anyone seen high reg-counts in 3GHz PMP450i systems without Re-Reg Counts?

We have an area with an number of 450i 3GHz integrated AP's 

SM's with low to mid -60's, SNR 20+ are often show a high Reg count but little or no Re-Reg Count.

These SM's are mostly in a near-line-of-sight installs so most likely a tree issue, however, it seems strange that this would show as a Reg-Count. I would have expected high Re-Reg counts during winds etc.

All running either 15.0.1 or 15.1.1


Hey Martin,

We had a 450i SM that was very close to the AP and on the back side of a roof shooting over the top of a roof that was doing this with our 3.65 450i gear.  It was like losing the radio interface but not re-registering.  It was weird. We turned down the power in the AP and we also believe we were experiencing some multipath issues off that roof.  Once we turned the power down on the AP, the issues went away.  When it was having this problem it was losing its session but no re-reg count.  The SM was like -45 with like 40SNR.  Power in the SM was very low as well to compensate for the target receive. Not sure if it will work in your situation but I wanted to say, YES, I have seen that behavior. 


Do you see anything in your event logs about "unsupported packet type".?  This seems to happen in conjunction with a 3Ghz 450i AP and SM we have experiencing this issue.  Let me know.

No, doesn't appear to be.