High speed upload for 1 user


I enable a downlink of 75% on the AP because most of my customers won’t need high upload.
What do I do if one of the SM’s needs fast upload?
Do I have to adjust the downlink on the AP

Also, how do I give one customer priority of the others?

Thanks :slight_smile:

you will have to lower the 75%
also you can use the Low Priority Uplink CIR to reserve some uplink for that SM…

Depends on what you are selling as the max download and the freq of the AP.

If it’s 900, you are pretty limited with only 3.5 to 4Mbps to work with

With the 2.4 and 5.8, if you are only selling 3M x 1M you can set the AP to something like 60% and still deliver 3+M down x 2.5-3M up.