Highest CMM in the world......

Device type CMM 0a-00-3e-e0-05-11
PLD Version 5
Software Version CANOPY CMM 2.1.3 Jun 22 2005 13:54:15
System Time 01:04:37pm Tue Jul 25 2006
Up Time 102d, 09:55:44
Satellites Visible 9 Satellites Tracked 9
Latitude N10 36.6450 Longitude W61 25.4750
Height 4294967279 meters Tracking Mode 3D Fix
SYNC Pulse Status SYNC OK


is that on top of Everest?? hehehe.

AMDXtreme wrote:
is that on top of Everest?? hehehe.

Actually, 4,294,967,279 meters is over 11 times the average height of the earth to the moon. But it also happens to be FFFF FFEF in hexadecimal which may suggest the GPS thinks this is actually below sea level by 16 meters or whatever.

its approx 30-40ft above sea level…

out of curosity… how did you get -16 below ?

vj wrote:
its approx 30-40ft above sea level.....

out of curosity... how did you get -16 below ?

The value in hex is FFFF FFEF, which if taken in "two's complement" form (Google is your friend) suggests -16 as a signed value. However, it reports it in meters not feet, so that would be more like -50 ft instead of -16.
out of curosity... how did you get -16 below

Should actually be 17m below... Start with 0000 0000, which in theory should be sea level, subtract 17 (0x11)...
0000 0000


VJ, I got you beat: :smiley:

SYNC Pulse Status SYNC OK Tracking Mode 3D Fix
GPS Time 17:10:24 GPS Date 10/27/2006
Satellites Tracked 8 of Satellites Visible 8
Height 4294967291 meters Antenna Connection OK

Now according to Google Earth (I know I know…it’s not 100% accurate), we’re about 10 feet above sea level (and 2 blocks from the sea itself). The tower is 55 ft. So shouldn’t it be showing about 20ish meters? What’s with the hexadecimal? :?

lol… excellent…

I too am about 200m from the sea and about 50ft above sea level…

ais3101 depends:

On the hiegth that the GPS antenna is at.

Also from the looks of things the CMM’s don’t exactly like dealing with elevatioin that close sea level.

Must be the humidity :lol:

lol yeah the GPS is about the same height (roughly 55 feet or so), but what through me for a loop was the value in hexadecimal. Slightly confused here :?