Highlight the Active Sector on cnWave Map

When viewing a cnWave link that connects to “Sector 2” on the V5000, it appears as though the incorrect sector is highlighted on the V5000:


When contacting support, they explained that this was by design - Sector 1 is always blue and Sector 2 is always the faint green color. I think this design should be adjusted.

Please, I am seeking 2 things:

  1. Make the coloring for both sectors the same intensity so it does not appear as though one is highlighted while the other is not.
  2. Please actually highlight the sectors used for the chosen link somehow. This would help visually indicate if the wrong sector was chosen in a link.

Thank you, Chris

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(I’ve moved this to the cnWave category because the product team are more likely to see it here. Eventually I think we need to create an “ideas” subcategory for each product, to make it easier for the product teams to keep track)

Thank you. I actually opened a ticket about how “The wrong sector is being highlighted”. They specifically requested that I add the request to the “ideas” forum - which is why I did so. I do hope this gets noticed as it seems generally useful.