HK2022 vs RK24EWIFIDBI Subscriber Module Antennas

Since KP Performance is the Official Manufacturer of the New 27 RDD for Motorola / Cambium Networks FCC approved to work with the Canopy gear, can their part number be added into the Link Planner to avoid confusion?

Also, it would be VERY helpful if Omni antennae could be selected as an "Access Point Antenna".

I understand that Cambium can't guarantee the performance of "non-Cambium" parts, but it's unrealistic to expect every WISP is going to use ONLY the Antennas on the list.  Perhaps a pop-up could be added onto the planner to make the user aware there are no guarantees when selecting an Omni.

Thanks for the post Brian...  the part that's in LinkPlanner is the HK2022, which is the Cambium Part Number for this reflector dish.  This is the most accurate name for this dish, as this is the part that a customer will order from Cambium Networks for this purpose.

Hope that makes sense.

With respect to other antennas, because we don't have proper 3D pattern data available, it is difficult to get an accurate representation of what the performance would be.  This has been requested by others, and we're looking into how we might make estimates, but we don't support other antennas at this time.