Home User Cannot Change Port Forwarding and DHCP Reservations

It appears that the permissions granted to the Home user has changed.  It used to be that this account had the ability to setup DHCP reservations and port forwarding rules.  Now, on current firmware, this is not possible and the Home user now appears to be a read-only account.  Isn't that what the "readonly" account is for?  Why would the behavior change between versions?  We give customers this access to they can setup their own port forwarding if/when they need it, and not call our support department.



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Users permissions have been changed.

In the latest FW Home user has access to LAN related parameters on CPE only.

It seems to be reasonable to limit customer's access to avoid cases with service interuption because of missconfiguration.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, I'm not following your reasoning.  A customer can cause service interuption by changing the LAN address/mask improperly.  And it's not clear to me how they can cause service interruption by setting a DHCP reservation or creating a port forwarding rule.