Honoring the great installs (Service Provider)....

Hi everyone, I'm Alan DesJardins, one of the RTMs that you may have met at your place of business, or at a seminar or tradeshow.  I've been doing this job for nearly 20 years now for both Cambium / Motorola and another company.  Over the years I have had the pleasure, and horror, or seeing firsthand some of the install work performed in the field.  This week I had the pleasure of spending time with Execulink Telecom of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.  Time spent in the fieldt trialing some new PMP goodies with Wes Simpson & the Execulink team that got me to thinking..... On the sites I visited with Execulink (this time, and a previous visit) I observed clean, well laid out, logical and well labled equipment shelters and racks, and top notch outdoor install practicies that made me think - we need a way to recognize these foks.  A great installation is a a thing of beauty.  You know it's safe, well protected, and set to perform for a long time.  You also know from looking at a site like this that someone who has never been to that site before will be able to figure out what connects to what to troubleshoot or restore a failure without risking accidentally causing any further outages.  That's what it's all about. 

2018 is nearly over, so in my "Service Provider" category I'm putting Wes Simpson down as my first recipient of the "Excellent Install Practices" award.  Since I just made this whole thing up for 2018 it's well deserved bragging rights.  Maybe next year I can make this bigger and better.  In the meantime, a great install job is a reward itself - keep doing great install work.

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