horizontal omni

We have a vertivcal omni on a tower but recently some outragous rf interference has invaded our spectrum. Does anyone know anything abnout horizontal omnis?

I did some looking for this a while back. Here is some stuff I found…

Go to Products, Commercial…


I never did buy anything but they look as though they should work quite well.


The other that gets great comments from users is the Cyclone by Last Mile Gear.

Hmmm… been using Cyclones for a while now and love them. I didn’t know they made a 900 horzontal omni. I’m gonna look at that…



Which ones do you use?

I have a number of the 2.4 GHz 350 deg 15 dB units and two of the 5.2 GHz 360 deg 10 dB units - they work great. They are good where you don’t expect to have too many subscribers and the extra gain is nice as well.


We started with vertical and ran into the same problem. We have switched all units out for the Pacific Wireless unit Acherman suggests and they work 10 times better. Really happy with them. We probably have 20 in operation.

the horizontal omni’s are they 900 mhz i am wanting to try one does anyone have any input on these? the ones i am looking at are the 360.7h cyclone antenna.