Horizontal polarization on Indoor SM??? Anyone, PLEASE??

Anyone at all know what number to dial in to get horizontal polarization on the 900 MHz indoor subscriber modules w/antennae… apparentle even Motorola doesn’t know. :?: :?:

1 or 7 doesn’t matter, if you want vertical you put it on 3.5, Our distributor asked one of the engineers.

The dial actually rotates 180 degrees, which is really goofy if you ask me. The engineer also said he didn’t really know why it was that way.

In our real life testing I can confirm that 1 and 7 work the best and I know its the same but 1 seemed like i got 1-2 db higher than 7. If you drive a mile away from your tower set it on your window and look at the alignment page while you slowly rotate the dial you can see the signal slowly degrade to just about nothing.

Hope that helps.