Hostname to access SM's

Many time WISP technicians wanted to access SM by Sitename instead of IP address, its cumbersome to remember IP address assigned to a SM on a particular site and even more difficult when it comes to DHCP.

DHCP option 81 provides the flexibility to use name to access the radio.

What is DHCP option 81:

It provide a mechanism to update DNS with FQDN of client, so in our case if radio get DHCP IP, it can further sends its hosname in option 81 and DHCP server will update DNS, so now administrator can access the radio using unique name instead of ip address.

What to be done in configuration

- populate SiteName as per what is required [under Configuration -> Security].

- populate DomainName [under Configuration -> IP].

- Make sure DHCP is enabled.

So when DHCP lease is acquired , SiteName.Domainname will be populated as entry in DNS record.

If Sitename is default i.e. No Site Name , mac address will be used instead.
Characters should only be a-z | A-Z | 0-9 and period(.) and dash(-)
The domain name part should not start or end with dash (-) , they will be skipped.
space or _ will be converted to -

With these changes SM can be accessed as


Supported Release:

- PTP/PMP 100 , PMP 430 can use 13.4.1.

- For PMP/PTP 450/455, use 14.1.1 onwards.