Hotspot 2nd user voucher key

How do I get devices to stay on the redirect page that has the voucher key for a 2nd or "X" number of users under a single paid hotspot session?

Once authenticated, my cell phone flashes that information for about a half second and disappears. I have yet to figure out where it goes, or how to access it on my logged in device again.

Once it is gone, that leaves us, on the back end, or another user that can access the back end, as the only one who can see this information.. Can Cambium at least set up a note in paypal with this key, or some other form or method to pass that on to the customer without admin intervention...

With android devices on version 8 and above this started happening. We are working on solution which would help users in such scenarios.

For the record, I have just returned a large shipment of E501S APs to Cambium because of this exactly!
Not being able to email the customer with the voucher for additional devices makes this feature non-useable. 
Cambium support has been highly ineffective in understanding the importance of this, and understanding that it's a bug that harms them... I guess we have to educate Cambium through our checkbooks, which is what I did.

My first, exceptionally unpleasnat and unprofessional expirience with Cambium (we're a very large WISP, and consultants to WISPs).

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It should not be difficult to add that key to a notation in the Paypal payment, or other portals at a minimum so the customer can have that information sent to them automatically. The whole point of a hotspot is no user intervention of any kind other than the customers login and payment..

The focus maybe should shift away from andriod being the problem, and fix what you can in the mean time Cambium..