Hotspot with CNMaestro


I´m trying to configure Hotspot with CNMaestro. I can configure Hotspot voucher and free without google and it works perferct. However, wee need your help for these questions:

1.-The first thing that I would like to confirm if it is a bug, is that once the portal has been created, if you make changes it does not apply:
- If you configure it by vocheur and you want to change to free it ignore you and it stays in voucher mode ...
- If you add you google or facebook before to create the portal, it does not apply
Do we need to delete that portal and create another one of the other type?

2.-Could you send me an example about how to configure the google social login?

3.- For those cases where the client wants his personalized hotspot, making the registration by mail, is it possible to use the gmail authorization or have to prepare an internal hotspot using a radius?




1. Changes modified in the Access Portal page reflect in client side splash page only when splash page is saved after modifying the Access Portal page.

No need to delete the portal and create another one of other type.

Just save the access portal page and splash page, before connecting the client.

2.Please go through this link about how to configure social login:-

3.Gmail authorization is not possible with internal personalized hotspot, but you can use radius with internal hotspot

Once you get it working, let us know where your hotspot is. Are you creating a hotspot in a park or in a shopping mall?