HotZone Duo

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Does anybody in this forum already try Hotzone Duo? I got Hotzone Duo datasheet and it’s different from older Hotzone product (tropos).

Here is the different between Hotzone Duo and Hotzone (tropos) that i got from FAQ Hotzone Duo :

1. HotZone Duo is a dual radio solution vs. single radio from Tropos.
2. HotZone Duo in dual radio configuration has up to 100% better throughput that a Tropos system
3. HotZone Duo node has a list price significantly lower than a Tropos node, even when configured with dual radios
4. HotZone Duo node weighs 64% less than a Tropos node – yet offers double the performance.
5. HotZone Duo’s nodes are 58% smaller than a Tropos node.
6. HotZone Duo smaller size can improve community acceptance.
7. HotZone Duo supports WPA2 security vs. WPA offered by Tropos.
8. HotZone Duo is OTA upgradeable to the final 802.11s. Tropos has not indicated that it will be compatible with the new standard.
9. HotZone Duo fully supports session-persistent client mobility at the layer 2 routing, while Tropos routing is done at layer 3. With layer 2 routing, a client can remain connected while moving from one node to another node – seamlessly. With layer 3 routing, a client to remain connected in a similar manner requires expensive software on the devices, supported by an additional server on the meshed network.
Given these major advantages, HotZone Duo is an obvious choice, especially with cost-effectiveness of the solution.

It’s funny :slight_smile: several month ago, Moto campaign Metro-Wifi using Hotzone (originally from tropos) combine with Canopy, but right now Moto make comparasion between Tropos and Hotzone duo.

Maybe its sign collaboration between Moto and Tropos will ended? Just guess :slight_smile:

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Where have you seen this documentation? Can you post a link?

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Here the link :


Thanks for the link.

FYI - that was a very shady download site.