anyone used the Hotzone equipment? if so what are the pros and cons?

im trying to totally cover a commercial area of my city, enabling any user at any time, in any place within the boundaries of this area to be able to connect to the network with a notebook (possibly centrino), and get a signal strength strong enough to attain throughputs of up to 512K.

Do you think this hotzone equipment will work in such a scenario?

I need to know before ordering any because im in africa, so its quite a mission to get stuff down here, and its also very costly, so i need to be sure.

We have around 80-90K people in my town and my company will be using Hotzone to hookup apartment complexs around town. Once we are done with them we plan to start filling in the gaps around town. My demo indoor units should be arriving within the next couple days. I’m also working on trying to get a couple outdoor units to test as well. I would be happy to reply with my review of the equipment after I get to play with them for a bit, but that will be a week or so down the road.

thanks alot, will wait for your feedback…