How can expend the WLAN from cnPilot to further cnPilot


i use the cnPilot e410. I want to expand the WLAN signal with an second cnPilot e410. How can i do this?
Can i read this in the manuel? I don´t have the manuel.

thanks for your feedback!

Hello Andreas,

do you have only the E410 to receive internet or you have a router that receives internet and then feeds the E410?

If so, you can connect the second E410 on the same router.

If you only have the E410 to receive internet and add a second one, you can then configure both E410 into a MESH mode, one as Base and the second as client.

Follow this link:
How do I setup a wireless mesh/repeater mode?

And you can read these best practices:

  1. Best practices when deploying WiFi Mesh

  2. Cambium WiFi Mesh Deployment Recommendation

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

You can find the user guide on the E410 downloads page. (I’m not sure if it answers your question though)