How can I delete a guest portal background image?

Hi all. I inserted a background image in a guest portal at cnMaestro (cloud version) which I need to delete. However there is no delete button. How do I delete it?

Hi Deltanet,

Sorry for inconvenience.
Presently only logo delete support is available, background delete is not available.
You can delete and create a new portal with same configuration is only option.
We will add this to our list of enhancements.

These are some SAD and TERRIBLE news! The guest access portal is for a WIFI4EU installation. After creating the guest portal, the cnMaestro creates a unique URL for it. This URL is used on the EU site which in turn creates a unique UUID to use on the cnMaestro portal. After this last step the two portals are “tied” together and the EU runs certain checks and diagnostics. If all checks are found ok, the EU proceeds with payment. I have already created the portal and received my UUID and I am just about ready to ask for the checks. Deleting the portal will void the UUID and I am not sure if I can ask for another one since the new cnMaestro guest portal will create a new URL! It is my first WIFI4EU installation and I am not quite sure how the EU will respond to that. Isn’t there a way to remove the background image by the Cambium Engineers? These are money I invested and now at risk losing it!