How Can I Push Template to Automatically Onboarded SM


I'm supporting a PMP 450i deployment.  I'd like to fully automate the onboarding and SM registration process as much as possible.

I have gotten the SM's to automatically onboard with DHCP options 60 & 43, but would like cnMaestro to automatically push out a template to this device immediately after it's onboarded without user interaction.

Furthermore, I'd love to be able to push a color code in this template.  So for example, an installation technician boots up the SM in installation mode color code. The SM registers, automatically gets onboarded, and then the template is pushed down with the proper color code.  Of course, this color code will be variable to the AP that the SM connects to.

How can I accomplish this?



Hi Brian,

Please confirm if you are using the cloud version or the On-Premise version of cnMaestro.

I am assuming the feature that you are looking for is the Zero Touch Configuration. Please go though the below link for the requirements to use the Zero Touch feature. 

Let us know if you still have any query related to this.


Vivek Gupta