How can I set a new cnPilot password via the config file?


I’m trying to make an automation that automatically assigns passwords to devices via a cnMaestro template for cnPilot R-series. I know when you download the config file the passwords are either hashed, encrypted or both. How then can I set new passwords using just the config file or cnMaestro template? Am I able to replicate the hash/encryption used and paste those values in the config file?

Edit: The passwords are dynamic so it will not be the same password for all configs.


Set new password on some device. download cfg, use as template for another devices.

Thanks for the suggestion. The passwords assigned will be dynamic so I need a way to replicate the cnPilot’s hashing behavior for the password that is wanted. Any ideas how to do this?

you can only do this via cnmaestro template. the best you can do is the serial number

Hi, I don’t use cnPilot-R, can you post an example of cleartext password and its hash, maybe we can understand what it is.