How can we use cnPilot isolated from cloud?

We are trying to use the cnPilot in completely isolated mode, without connectivity to the cloud. Unfortunately just connecting to the device and trying does not cause connection. (Note: We are disconnecting completely from all networks and avoiding DHCP to ensure 0.1 is viable).

Is isolated AP use recommended or even possible? If so, what are we missing to talk to the device and use the AP GUI to configure in isolated mode? Our use requirement does not allow us any connectivity to cloud.

Details: We are connecting to the device on the second port using various ethernet cables. None of them cause to become available. Our PC shows a device is connected, but no interaction is possible.

We are using cnPilot E500

To disable remote management just uncheck the box remote management under configuration > systems.

After disabling this checkbox, AP will not form a control connection to the controller.

Please see the attached screenshot.

I think your screenshot is perhaps from the AP GUI? We cannot get to to reach this AP GUI management page. Do you have a possible solution to why is not responding when the cnPilot E500 is connected by ethernet to our PC? On that PC, we have disconnected from all networks to ensure we are not affected by network provisions, DHCP, etc.


Hope you have assigned a static IP in 192.168.0.X range to the Ethernet interface of the laptop.

If not, please assign any static IP in the range of 192.168.0.x/ to the ethernet interface of the laptop, then try to access the AP GUI using ip.



Thanks for the help Divakar. We were not able to connect. We set the static IP on the computer as follows, shown on the attachment. We had the E500 connected by ethernet to the second (Eth2 POE-OUT) port of the E500 device. We then attempted to connect to (http and https) using several different browsers. No other network or wifi connections were active.
We have attempted this with two different E500 devices.

There is a very small pin hole around the eth1 port which is used for factory reset, just use a a thin pin to insert into that hole and press that button for 10-15 seconds while your AP is powered up. The AP will go for a reboot automatically when the button is pressed for long time and once you see the amber led then release the button. Once AP is up then try pinging in to If this also doesn't work then try connecting to AP through the eth1 itself, I believe you have powered up the AP through the POE injector which has two ethernet ports and the data port you can plug in your laptop. 

The E500 reset button is delicate, do not press hard. when we press the button we can feel the touch that is good enough to reset.

May be it is worth to check IP connectivity using zero-config IP address of the device. AP zero configuration ip starts with 169.254.X.Y. The last bytes X and Y can be derived based on last 2 bytes of MAC addeess of the device