how can you tell if your 900mhz omni is slowing down

well header says exactly what i want to know.i’m starting to get some customer complaints about slow downs over the network.we have our ptp traffic capped at 128kbps and our sm’s and ap are running wide open with a microtik router providing our dhcp and our capping.customers are not happy or at least not as happy as they were when there were 15 users on this ap there are now 55 on that. we are feeding 5 mbs into the total system which is being shared by about 120 customers seems like i shouldn’t be having bandwith issues with the cap on ptp at that brings me back to my omni and how to tell if its time to go to panels or if i need to increase my bandwith.

How many control slots do you have? i would go to 3 with HW Sched.