How do I activate the Demo License for the PTP 820(x)

A demo license is available that enables all features for 60 days. The demo license expires 60 days from the time it was activated, and the most recent valid license goes into effect. The 60-day period is only counted when the system is powered up. 10 days before the demo license expires, an alarm is raised indicating to the user that the demo license is about to expire.


In the PTP 820(x) GUI, navigate to: Platform/License/License Configuration


To activate a demo license:

  1. In the Demo admin field, select Enable.

  2. Click Apply.

The Demo timer field displays the number of hours that remain before the demo license expires.

What is the result of a Demo License expiring on an 850C.
Will functionality remain IE Customer utilization / throughput remains, and just alarming?
Or some/all service stops until a license is acquired through the portal?

AFAIN, everything will still function normally, you’ll just see annoying alarm banners constantly.