How do I add new users on a PTP 820(x)

To enter the User Accounts configuration page, select Platform/Security/Access Control/User Accounts.


  • To edit a user’s account details, select the user and click Edit.

  • To add a user, click Add.

  • To delete a user, select the user and click Delete.

When you click Edit or Add, the Add or Edit window appears. In this window, you can define the user’s user name, profile, password, and active/inactive status.

If you are adding a user profile, you must enter a name for the profile in the Profile name field. Once you have created a user profile, you cannot change the name of the profile.

Users Table Columns

User name

The user name of the user.


The user profile assigned to the user. The user profile defines the user’s levels of access to functionality groups in the system.


If the user is inactive, the user cannot access the system. This option is used to temporarily inactivate a user without deleting the user from the system.

Login Status

Indicates whether the user is currently logged into the system.

Last Logout

The date and time the user most recently logged out of the system.    

Expiration Date

The date, if any, that the user account expired or will expire.