How do I get and use the factory reset tool on the PMP 320 CPE?

You can download the reset factory tool here:

See Chapter 14 of the PMP 320 Administration and Configuration Guide on how to use the CPE reset Factory tool. 

1. The tool will ONLY work on Windows XP machines.  This tool will not work with Windows 7.

2 .Make sure you have Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed on your XP system. 

3. When opening the application, make sure the window shows that you are using “SharpPcap version :”

4. The CPE must be at software version 7.1.3 or higher.

5. This can be done only from the LAN side of the CPE.

6. Select the right interface from item #1 of the reset tool on your PC where the CPE LAN interface is connected.

7. Verify your MAC address of the CPE you want to reset in item #2 of the reset tool.