How do I run a 20MB BH in 20M mode

We have a new 5.7 20M BH (P10 Software CANOPY 8.1.5 BH20-DES) I can’t find a setting to change it to 20M mode. When I do a link test, the speeds show that it is running in 10M mode. Is it the 2x rate do I have to enable this setting.

We also have a 2.4 20MB BH (CANOPY 7.3.6 BH20-DES) In this BH their is a check box under the configuration to change it to 20 Mbits/Second (4 Level) mode

Can you please clear this up for me


What hardware platform are these BH’s?

Telnet to the radio’ IP address and login as root


Motorola Broadband Wireless Technology Center
(Copyright 2001-2005 Motorola Inc.)

Login: root
Password: radio password
Telnet+> version
Software Version : CANOPY 7.3.6 Oct 24 2005 12:06:56 BH20-DES
Software Boot Version : CANOPYBOOT 3.0
FPGA Version : 051104
FPGA Features : Single, 40MHz ExtBus, DES,
Frequency Band : 5.7GHz
Hardware Platform : will be 8 or 9
Hardware Minor Revision : 0
Device Type : CANOPY
MIR Cap : 40000 (kbit)
CIR Cap : 20000 (kbit)


Software CANOPY 8.1.5 BH20-DES

Yes enable 2x Rate…that will change it to a 20Mb BH