How do I set the time on the Access Point

The APs do not have a battery to keep their time updated so their clock with reset (to 1st Jan 1970) on each reboot. Some features (such as Scheduled WLANs) depend on the APs clock being set correctly, a good timestamp is also helpful in syslogs.

There are two ways the APs clock can be set to the correct wall-clock time:

1. The clock will be set automatically when the device is onboarded into cnMaestro. The timezone of the AP should still be configured (part of the device configuration).

2. Alternately you can enable NTP so the AP will learn time from an NTP server and sync up its clock. To use NTP, under "Configure"->"System" scroll down to the bottom to the section called "Time Settings" and define your NTP server IP address or name. NTP will sync up the time to GMT, you should also configure your local timezone (can be done in the pulldown just below the NTP server config)

If you dont have a local NTP server you can use some of the public ones on the internet such as "":