How do i Share my bandwidth

i have 1 MB downlink and 512 uplink how much subscriber can i gave bandwidth to.

Depends on the type of connection. Is sounds like a DSL connection. If that is the case, you should limit your service to 768 x 256. This allows you to oversubscribe the DSL connection. At some point customers will start to complain (probably at about 20-30 users).

Once you max out the first DSL connection, order a second DSL connection and use a load balancing router like the Linksys RV082. This will double your bandwidth and allow you to add more subscribers.

Once you have 40 or so users, you should have the cash flow to order a T1. Then you can start selling to businesses and offer them a 1200k x 1200k connection. Make sure you find out what the Telcos are charging for an equivalent circuit and then undercut them by 20-30%. You will have businesses lining up for your service. You can also charge a business a higher setup fee to help with cash flow.

You can start on a minimal budget, just be prepared to put every dollar you make back into the company or you will never grow.

i have a Vsat base already receivign the bandwidth. 1024/512 i am receiving hwo much subscriber can i gave that to

How many customers do you Have? remember Your customers all share the bandwidth you have. if you have 5 customers downloading at the same time on a 1 meg line they will only be at 200kps each. and will be slower the more customers you add.

i have 80 customer s

Well, Thats pretty well pushing it to the limit. at prime time they won’t be much faster than dial-up

Service will be terrible with that ratio.

Also, you’d best look into the contract regarding the satellite connection - it probably does fair queuing and likely has an extensive section on not allowing resale of the service.

I did not know it was a VSAT - forget it. It won’t work - period. Been there, learned that lesson the hard way.

You might be able to use 2 DSL circuits (both need to be from the same provider) and use the Linksys dual WAN router for a total of 2mb x 1mb and then use the bandwidth limiting in the radio. Set the sustained to 512 with bursting to 1M.

Ideally you would want to get your connection from a providerr that can scale your speed as you grow. If there is a data center in your area, you could purchase a 1M x 1M connection from them, and then as you add users and need more bandwidth, they can just increase your speed. You would just need the data center to have a line of sight to your tower. This will greatly reduce your costs from bandwidth.

good luck