How do I upgrade a Cambium PMP450 from 10MBPS to 40MBPS ??


I have paid for the upgrade key to get it from 10mbps to 40mbps.

How do I do it? I cant find it in CNUT or any documentation? 



Hi Johnny,

you should have received an entitlement id via e-mail when you purchased the upgrade key.   This would a specific key string and instructions on how to activate it at the licensing page on the support website.  After activating the entitlement on the website you apply the license key within the subscriber module GUI.

If you have mis-placed the key and have the original ordering information you can contact technical support and they should be able to assist you.




There is no link or webpage for PMP430 bandwidth upgrades that I could find. Only PTP was found.

Do you have a link?


My MAC does not start with 00:04:56

It starts with 0A:00:3E

Therefore, this link does not work:

Any update? I still need to upgrade my PMP450 x 6.


  When you purchased the upgrade, the reseller should have received an email like this.

From: <>
Date: Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 11:40 AM
Subject: Cambium Networks Software License Entitlement

Thank you for your Cambium Networks software order. This e-mail contains important information you will need to begin using your new software.


Gather the MAC address of each Subscriber Module that will be utilizing the fixed license. Please visit the Licensing Portal (URL Below) and use the Entitlement ID shown below to activate and collect your license file.


Fixed licenses are not transferable.


Attention: Your device must be running on Software Release 11.x or later in order to apply this key. If you are applying this to a device running an earlier software release, please contact customer support AFTER generating the key.


Keep this entitlement ID in a safe place. It is your record for being entitled to the software licenses that you have purchased. It is valid for only a single activation and should not be used by anybody other than the intended recipient. After it has been activated, it can never be used again.


If you already have an account on the license portal, simply login, map the new entitlement ID to your account, and activate the license as usual.


If you don't already have an account on the license portal, you can create one at the portal using the entitlement ID below.


Kind regards,

Cambium Networks


Order Information:


PO Number: 123456

Sales Order Number: SUS12345

Entitlement ID










End Customer Information:


Entitlement ID: 14FZ19AAAC3E082AAA65AAAC



Support Information:

Licensing Portal :

Technical Support :

License Support :

This email has two important pieces of information. First it has the link to redeem the upgrade ( Second it has the Entitlement ID. This is entered into the website as well as the MAC address for the SM that you want to upgrade. The website will then generate and email you an upgrade license key that you will apply to the SM.

You will need to find this email to upgrade your SM.

I hope this helps.