How do I upgrade multiple units out of the box (and not over the air)?

When upgrading multiple radios out of the box via a serial process please ensure to clear your arp by " arp -d " to ensure your arp table is updated with the new MAC address.

Please refer to the troubleshooting section about upgrades if you encounter any issue but a few things to note -

- Upgrades do take about 4 minutes or so and require a reboot. On the Integrated unit please DO NOT disconnect the power during the upgrade as this may strand the radio. The integrated unit does not have a back up image storage capability

-On the Synchronized unit please perform the upgrade twice as this will ensure that both banks have the same SW. In case a fall back occurs, you will have the latest SW on both sides

-In any upgrade scenario, if after the reboot the UI is not refreshed, simply reload the page or clear your cache

-After a reboot, following an upgrade the reboot required icon may still stay lit. A second reboot will not cause any harm but you can clear your cache and reload the page to eliminate this.