How do you change the host name sent in syslog messages

We are using syslog to collect log messages across a number of ePMP devices (access points and CPEs). They are all announcing themselves with the hostname ‘Cambium-AP’. How can we set this value to be unique for each device?

We have tried changing the AP name and the SNMP system name but they do not seem to change the syslog name.

Hello Cambium - could we have an answer on this please?


The “Device Name” can be used to uniquely identify syslog messages on the Station (STA), but as you have discovered on the ePMP AP this is not available.

We will resolve this in a release very soon.

We’re now on Version 2.0. It’s nearly June. I still can’t tell my Cambium APs apart in syslog.

Any update on “very soon” please?