How do you get support?

So we inherited a 500 SM old PMP100 network, and trying to update SMs, APs, etc just for security and are running into problems.

How can we download firmware?  We go to the download area and are presented with "out of warranty" in big red.  Really? it's only 10 years old, so how can that be....  Most companies allow you to download firmware and keep things current.

When asking questions to support and sales about an upgrade plan to ePMP, we get no response.

If this is how Cambium supports existing customers, they are going to get killed by UBNT and MT.

Are we missing something, or is support non-existant?


We are glad to have you as a customer, and will do all that we can to ensure that you get the most out of your Cambium equipment.

You will find our support folks right here, and YES, software downloads are available.

One of our support folks will be contacting you shortly. 

You can also find a lot of information on our Support Website.

I second Ray. We're very glad to have you as a customer. 

On the topic of upgrade plan from PMP 100 to ePMP, the latest ePMP software Release 2.5 provides the ability to sync ePMP with PMP 100. You can read a couple of customer success stories here and here. (Note: the second link requires you to be signed up as an Open Beta customer).  



Cambium is killing UBNT not the other way around. or is its that they are killing them "softly" ;)