How do you ground your sites?

We just had a 2 day training on “grounding”. The trainer recommended grounding all cables on the tower every 60 to 75 ft. having grounding plates at that distance, which in turn will connect to the tower’s grounding ring.

How do you ground your towers?

I was told on one of those training seminars that the tower should be grounded every 50’ feets.

The more complex part is grounding the shelter, fence, permitter, chasis, equipment, etc.

The interesting part is, when a lighting strike hits it will do some damage.

I created a new topic about what’s the experience when lighting strikes.

Feel free to put your experience, I will soon let you know what happen to me.

Hint, Grounding only works if you do it right the first time and maintain it.

yeah. Even before this training I kinda figure there is nothing that can save you from a direct hit. with the first energy release being in the average of 40000 Amps, it will be really hard for a little #6 wire to disipate that. However, I can see how grounding can help during non-direct hits. We have a boss that is very sensitive to all this grounding stuff, and also, being part of a telco that allows us to go into their shellters, they are very picky about how we ground our stuff, however, we all know grounding is a best-effort way to reduce the chances of damaging equipment, but not a way to eliminates those chances

within the same topic but a little off from what you guys are talking about. we ground our sites with the 300ss (surge suppressor) it can hang outside of the building and grounded to the ground

On the Ortho’s I follow the specs except if it is a short cable run, then i only use 1 transtector unit. less then about 30 ft. On regular canopy I use 2 4port 3 stage surge supressors from between CMM and other equipment, and follow R56 standards.