How do you monitor your network for problems (Send Alert)

How do you monitor your network for problems with customer connections. Is there a good way to send and alert when some one is having problems.


We at NetMechanica delivered similar solution to several customers that use Canopy equipment.

Canopy network monitoring solution allows you to view the status of your network:
- Subscriber modules (SM)
- Cluster Management Module(CMM)
- Access Points (AP)

and react immediately by sending out e-mails or any other notifications to a technician when severe event occurres.

It also allows you to monitor the bandwidth consumed by each individual subscriber.

You can find out more at out web site:

Please also note that NetMechanica is now listed as Canopy solution partner.

NetMechanica Support Team

You can use PRTG and get 500 Licenses for the price of 1 license from NetMechanica. PRTG runs on our Win2003 server and so far we are quite satisfied that it was 199.00 well spent. We are currently monitoring bandwidth usage on all radios and have already been able to locate customers spewing ontothe network.

PRTG also supports email alerts which we have tested but have not implemented yet. It also supports billing by usage, and a number of other features.

You can download the free 30 day trial version here: You will need the latest Beta Version as it supports SNMPv2. I had it up and running in 15 minutes. Auto-discovered the network and away we went.

Others in theis forum are running free options which are MRTG and Cacti, however they are more difficult to implement.

It depends on what your needs are. We wanted a way to monitor bandwidth across the network, detect spew and file sharing hosts, and get alerts if a radio goes down. When we find a user that is spewing, we use Ethereal to monitor that one user to determine what the traffic is, and then shut down their ethernet port and call them to discuss.

Jerry Richardson wrote:
You can use PRTG and get 500 Licenses for the price of 1 license from NetMechanica.

This is not true. NetMechanica uses per-server licensing model. It means that you don't have to pay for a number of ports/devices that you need to monitor. A Per-Server license is most economical in single-server deployment.

If you use PRTG you're limited to the number of so called "sensors" that can be monitored. So when your network grows you will have to buy more licenses.

NetMechanica Team

So what would a Netmechanica license that allows monitoring of 500 nodes cost?

  1. The server (NetDecision Network Manager) license costs $399.

    2. By the way, initially the intention was to have Fault Management Solution. From this perspective, NetMechanica is FCAPS compliant NMS and PRTG is mainly used for bandwidth usage monitoring.
    That’s the difference.

    NetMechanica Team

I aplologize, I misunderstood your pricing. It looks like the pricing is based on a per node basis, not a per server basis.

PRTG provides notification for down/up response and under/over bandwidth limits.

However, I am wondering if we should have bought NetMechanica…I will install it on another machine and see if I like it better.