How do you run the Spectrum Analyzer?

There are no instructions. Do we change the Ap to SA mode and then run the app or does the app just connect to the AP without change mode and kicking everybody off? I hate disconnecting users to run tests. Also, in 4.5 when we run automatic frequency, we don’t get the bar chart of results and longer.


So - how does one run the Spectrum Analyzer then? I don’t see any instructions… download the application, run it, and put in the IP address… is there a place to put a user/pass somewhere? When I click ‘start scan’, nothing happens - so I must be doing something wrong.

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And still no simple/quick way to see what a client’s router is doing - what the router is called, What channel it’s on. Almost all support calls are people reporting slow internet - and that falls into one of 3 reason…

a) Client is simply using 100% of available bandwidth, and doesn’t know it.
b) Client has self interference from their own router/network and doesn’t know it.
c) Client has some real issue (hardware, cable, aiming, signal) and needs a service call.

So - being able to see what gear they have in their house (to do a ‘WiFi Site Survey’) and see what their router is called, what channel their router is on, and if that’s a source of interference - that’s critical to figuring out if that’s the source of their problem.

5 years on, and we still can’t do that?

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I don’t see any instructions (and I’m probably being a total noob here) but can someone please let me know - how does one run the Spectrum Analyzer now?

I’ve download the application
I’ve run it
I go into the config, and put in the IP address
I see no place to put in any user/pass anywhere
When I click ‘start scan’, nothing happens

Can someone from Cambium please enlighten me on how I can do a Spectrum Analysis on an ePMP1000 or 2000 series product?

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You download application from ePMP2000 unit, run it and it should automaticlly connect to that unit. You should select frequency range that you want to scan and that’s it. Check in right bottom corner that it says connected to IP of the unit.


Hi Anze - actually in V4 firmware, the SA application has apparently been moved to a stand along application, and is no longer in the radio.

So - this was quite a while ago, BUT NO INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO RUN IT, despite asking over and over again.

When you first pull up the Spectrum Analyzer tool as a stand-alone application input the IP address into the Device Address line and hit save. If you are using a 2.4GHz radio you can click Connect and start the scan. If it is a 5GHz radio click on Range and select the range you want to scan(you will have to do this before the custom scan). Once you have the frequency selected hit connect.

Yes, that is what should happen. I agree.
BUT - when I do that, nothing is displayed in any of the graphs.

Like normal it should just pop up. For me, it takes about 20 seconds before anything shows up.

It doesn’t do anything for me - regardless how long I wait. And with no instructions or answer from Cambium, I’ve just given up waiting

Hi everyone

install the Cambium SA application and when executing the file on the desktop, only a black screen appears and it closes open for 0.5sec

I went to the installation folder and opened the other file now if the spectrum analyzer opens but it does not connect to the radio no matter how much I put in the Java Security http: // … or https: // … .: 443 or: 444 never connects to the computer

ePMP2000_Spectrum_Analyzer.docx (426.5 KB)
There is a brief ePMP2000 Spectrum Analyzer guide in the file.


Thanks @agu200, I converted that into a Knowledge Base article:

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I can download the file. When I install it, it wants me to install java. Java wants me to sign up for an account. What the heck

Hi Taylor. What version of the firmware are you running, and on what type of ePMP radio?

4.6.1 Firmware and Im using the ePMP 2000

You might want to try using the ePMP SA tool which you can find HERE. Another thing that works pretty well is to just temporarily use ACS to give you a rough view of the spectrum. Make sure you change the min/max dwell times to their maximum values.

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