How does Link Test work?

We have a CnMaestro server on our network which monitors and controls the Cambium devices on our wireless networks.

In cnMaestro, when one does a “Link Test” from the Tools screen to test the Download & Upload Speeds from a Subscriber’s ePMP radio - it is my understanding that the Subscribers radio is talking through the AP to the I-Perf server built into CnMaestro. Is my understanding correct?

Second question - when one does a “Link Test” from the Tools screen to test the DL & UL speeds from a R195w or R200 router - does the router actually talk to the I-Perf server that is built into the same CnMaestro???

I am primarily interested a knowledgeable answer for a

Hmmm…I’m interested in an answer from Cambium as well. It was my understanding cnMaestro runs the link test that is built into the AP and SM and reports the results. If cnMaestro has a built-in iperf server, I would be very interested in this.

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cnMaestro sends the link test commands to ePMP AP/SM and just provides the results got from device back on the cnmaestro GUI. There is no inbuilt iperf server .


Not as far as I know - despite asking for the last several years, over and over for a way to easily test between any two Cambium products via IP address (like MT, UB, and nearly everything else can) as far as I’m aware, no – it’s only ‘over the air’ between the AP and SM.