How does setting MCS on clients(4.7.RC7) affect AP througthput?

Hello again, I am updating the thread with the topic of overlapping RF-Elements antennas and their bracket in the same direction:
Here is the image of an AP with 60º RF antennas:

This other one is from an AP with 30º RF antennas. It is much more complicated with this beamwidth to get the SMs to group together. When I reach a certain threshold of MIMO capacity I change the 30º antennas to 60º antennas to increase the grouping and get more use out of MU-MIMO.

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Your groupables look great but the actual MU seems low but since it kicks in more as usage goes up maybe you just aren’t getting high enough usage for it to really be kicking in ?

I have one ePMP 3000 on an ePMP sector that is also at 40 Mhz and during peaks the MU is almost 50% of the total and the higher the usage goes the MU becomes more and more of the total.

Hay Cambium… sure would be nice if the bandwidth graph had the frame time on there… * grumbles something about why ePMP can only , and just barely even then, display no more than 1 useful thing on any one screen at any one time *

…and also ^^^^THIS!^^^^

It really, honestly feels like half the bleak GUI issues could be addressed by a web-designer in a week’s work. I realize it’s probably more complicated than I realize for some reason, but geeze. There are “feature requests” which are “under consideration” ongoing for most of a decade.

I know this isn’t the OP’s question – so this should be a separate thread – but we really need to poll the WISPs and get that GUI updated with useful into shown on the same screen, at the same time.


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