How goes the battle with upgrading from 7.3.6 to 8.1.5??

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We have not upgraded to 8.1.5 from 7.3.6 with hardware scheduling on any of our ap’s and sm’s as of yet, still a bit gunshy. :slight_smile: We recently received a shipment of brand new canopy 5.7’s with the new 8.1.5 software version and realize we may have to upgrade the ap’s to avoid potential problems with them linking as most or all of the new units may start coming with the new upgrade. What have you seen after upgrading, good, bad or indifferent? What can we expect or do to prepare for post upgrade? Any ideas, thoughts or feedback is definitely appreciated!

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Phil Lopez
Wireless Network Administrator

The upgrade went well for us.

Read the release notes carefully.

There are a few gotchas from some of the stuff that was fixed like ethernet auto-negotiation.

We didn’t run in to any of these issues in our network however.

Did you go from 7.3.6 to 8.1.5 or did you use 8.1.4 as a step?

Is it possible to make the jump from 7.3.6 to 8.1.5 or does the .4 version need to be in there? also was this for canopy 900’s as well as 5.8’s? Also what is p8, p9 and p10?

I went from a 6.x to 8.1.5 without any steps in between. I also upgraded a hardware version 7 board (from 4.x)to the 8.1.5 without any problems. (which BTW Motorola says doesn’t work)

Right on. It doesn’t seem like you wouldn’t need to step up versions, as you are writing the full image rather than patching a piece at a time

for upgrading frmo board 7 did u use cnut 1 or manual upgrade ?