How I can change my Canopy AP sheduling mode to Hardware ?

Software version is “Canopy 7.0.7”.
I changed my SM’s “sheduling mode” to “Hardware”.
But! How (or where) I can change my AP sheduling mode from “Software” to “Hardware” as well?

i would suggest upgrading your firmware to 7.3.6 before running hardware scheduling. Take these firmware upgrade steps:

From 7.0.7 to


do this both on your SM and AP sides and you will have better performance. You do this through CNUT 1.1 or CNUT 2. My Opinion.

It sounds like you have older AP’s, and newer SM’s.

Telnet to the AP and type “version”. Look at the hardware platform, if it is P8 then it does not support Hardware mode. You would need to upgrade your AP’s to Advantage.

If your SM’s have the option for Hardware Scheduling, then they are likley the newer Advantage models.

An SM doesnt need to be advantage to run hardware scheduling. You can have a mix of P9 SM’s running Hardware scheduling, some advantage and some non-advantage.

Advantage is the key allowing higher throughput. As was mentioned it sounds like you have an older AP and not a P9 AP.