How is everyone keeping up with LP VC and HP VC in the network?

How is everyone keeping up with LP VC and HP VC in the network?

Since adding HP VC gives you 2 instead of 1 VC per SM, how do you keep up with it in regards to contention slots?

Are you constantly updating that in the AP?

Do you have it as an option for customers to pay extra for HP service for gaming or streaming?

How have you seen overall the effects on the network giving certain things like streaming priority over other SM's in the network, being that it's such a bandwidth hog?

What exact changes have you seen in regards to capacity or latency from a high or to low a contention slot setting?

Good question we don't even use HP but given the way high vs low # of users should impact the number of slots needed to be efficient

We only deploy HP VC for VoIP customers. Have never had complaints from gamers. HP VC classifies traffic based on 802.1P or DSCP values, anyway, and I don't think any games set priority tagging on packets.

We serve quite a few voice customers so we enable it quite a bit. When I put in the zero touch config stuff I will remove it for people that we do not provide voice to.

They are only using the HPVC when they are doing stuff like voice so adding additional contention slots should'nt be to much of an issue. Keep in mind if you change 1 AP you need to change every one that it can see and then everyone that they can see because this effects the frames.

No but it's not a bad idea. Offer a little more maybe have higher bursts for gamers.

I don't belive it adds capacity as much as it prioritizes packets tagged for let's say voice. They are then scheduled to go first before packets for email or http or whatever. That in turn i'm sure will potentially lower latency but the amount of data would likley be the same.

As for bandwidth hogs it's not an issue yet so far. I don't see a massive amount of traffic on the HPVC channels.