How many slaves can I run off of one master?

I have one master setup and would like to setup 3 slaves on varoius water tanks spread over a 20 mile area. Reason: I want to put 2 900 no linear AP’s at each site. I was told I can do 5 per one master. I just need some confirmation. A sanity check if you will.

Cheers Edward-

You are speaking backhauls?

One slave per master backhaul.

Not a matter if I like it or not. My partner kept telling me we can run 5 slaves. I tried it with one master and 2 slaves and only the first slave registered. With that said can I run 4 masters from one CTM to provide service to 4 slaves in different locations?

I guess I am a n00b or something?

What is a CTM?

All backhaul masters should be at the same site if I understand your topology correctly.

The masters should be timed using GPS sync from a CMM or SyncPipe. Be sure plan your spectrum use properly.

A CTM is like a CMM. It is made by Recommended use is for remote sites that run off of Solar Panels since the CTM runs off of low DC power.

Thanks for the verification,

Ah ok. I never have used any of Lastmile’s products. Thanks for the information.

Good luck!