How many sm's on an ap?

what is the most amount of sm’s you can put on an 900mhz ap with everyone having good speeds?

what do you consider to be a good speed?
each 900 mhz ap can accomodate up to approx 4 meg…

how many users would it take for said users to be using 4 meg?
we try to run unlimited…users can get up to 3 meg when they need it.
our largest AP currently has about 25 customers on it.

it rarely hits 4 meg. it rarely hits 2 meg. sustained it’s around 200k to 800k.
it will peak from time to time as users pull data down.

Standard answer: It depends.

You have 4Mbps aggregate available per AP. Take this, divide by your average BW per subscriber them multiply by your over subscription rate.

4Mbps aggregate
75% DL = 3Mbps /
Average Subscriber BW 1Mbps X
30:1 oversub rate =
~90 Subs per AP.

This of course will vary depending on your chosen oversub rate, usage patterns, broadcast and junk traffic, but this is a good point of reference.

Seems that the practical limit is around 60 to 80

we stop doing installs on our 900’s around 60-70 users depending on bw hogs & such. we notice speed issues start around 50 sm’s on a omni

5.7 we have much better luck & can come closer to the 200max # everyone knows.

For all you 900 users that have 60-80 users per AP, what kind of speeds do your users receive and with what QoS settings?

it depends of course on the time of day. it can vary from 2.5mb down & 900k up to 1mb down & 500k up… running 2x of course, the slower one being peak times.

we up the control slots to 2

we limit the MIR at the AP currently usually sustained around 1280 down & 640 up bursting at 80000

I’ve done scans with our AP’s and have seen a competitor’s AP with more then 100 users on it. Don’t ask me how the service is though.

so for a 900 suggested configuration data for these values is what?

i have never fully understood this and frankly just left it wide open and done most of the bandwidth management at the router - but i’d like to get “workable” values at each AP:

i’m configured for 90% download offering 3 meg and about 400k.

Sustained Uplink Data Rate ?
Uplink Burst Allocation?
Sustained Downlink Data Rate?
Downlink Burst Allocation ?

check my post for mir settings

i saw that…just didn’t understand how it translated to those 4 values :slight_smile:

we limit the MIR at the AP currently, usually sustained around 1280 down & 640 up bursting at 80000

so my guess would be :

Sustained Uplink Data Rate - 640
Uplink Burst Allocation - 80000
Sustained Downlink Data Rate - 1280
Downlink Burst Allocation - 80000

did i translate that right?

what does the 80000 translate to? how many meg?

We have a few with 70 to 80 users but our busiest one has 95 users. It works well but the most we give customers is 1 mb.

Sorry this is for our 900 MHz APs. We also use 5.7 enhanced APs but the busiest one has just 50 SMs.

mountainisp wrote:
what is the most amount of sm's you can put on an 900mhz ap with everyone having good speeds?

We say under 100 per 5.7/2.4 AP, and under 30 for 900Mhz. There is a bit of wiggle room in this... and it really depends on what you define "good speeds" as, and what your customers are doing.


We Currently have 900 APs with 60 to 70 users (SMs) and do see some issues at peak usage times. This begins to become an issue around 55 to 60 users.