How many SM's simultaneus connection support a AP Advantage

How many SM’s simultaneus connection support a AP Advantage ?

I have 1 AP Advantage with 110 SM registred but i like know how many SM more this can support.


What speeds do you offer your customers?
Do you offer VOIP?

The only way to accurately answer trhat is “it depends”.

As (not so) clueless points out, your service offerings drive how many SM’s on AP can support. If you are not doing bandwidth monitoring on your AP’s, you will have no idea what your AP can actually support.

With Cacti (or MRTG, PRTG, or other) I can look at an AP and see how much traffic is passing across it. If I have a 5700AP set to 75% downlink, then I know I can get about 10-11M across the AP before it saturates.

Another way to estimate is to add up all the SM’s sustained speed settings, then divide by 20. That will give you a rough estimate of the sustained traffic across the AP.

once again DEPENDS on traffic type, customer type, voice is a killer, are you using any high priority traffic.

Running an SM on high priority channel is like running 2 SM, as it takes up two channels and an AP has 200 channels, which can be maxed via 100 SM’s using high priority channel…

Jerry why divide by 20 ?

That would be your oversubscription rate.

100 subscribers @ 768k - 76,800k / 20 = 3,840k sustained. Check your AP’s and tell me how close that is…but that’s just regular TCP/IP web traffic.

As you point out, that rate will depend on the type of traffic - P2P, Voice, Citrix, etc eats into that number significantly.

ahhh… you talking about contention ratios… I get crap… like 12-14… damn P2P

Jerry, how many customers do you have per AP or what would be your most congested AP.
I seem to be running into the problem of a possibly overloaded AP.
It has 70 SM’s with 1500down for most and the odd 3000down for businesses.

I’d say that sounds about right. You can oversubscribe the BW on an AP by 10x to 20x.

Assuming that you have 70 users and the average BW setting is 1750k across all the SM’s on that AP:

(70 users x 1750k) / 20 = 6125 sustained traffic

The 20:1 ratio assumes no VoIP, P2P, or other high utilization or BW hogging traffic. As VJ pointed out he’s getting closer to 12-14. In that case:

(70 users x 1750k) / 13 = 9423 sustained traffic which would be just about the max an AP will be able to handle.

You could squeeze more out of that AP if you went into each SM and set the burst to 50% of the sustained. Your customers are not likely to detect the difference, as a matter of fact they may detect an improvement in performance since the AP will run more efficiently.

None of our AP’s ar loaded that heavily yet.

Why would the burst be 50% of the sustained, or did you mean set the sustained to 50% of the burst?

Burst = 1500?
Sustained = 750?

sorry, my mistake.

I was thinking that you could squeeze a little more than that to something like 512 with burst to 1500.

I would test it on a couple of your more tech saavy users and see when they squeak.

we have had 120 users on an AP… but we are in the process of reducing this… we are planning to implement a max limit of 80…

we have sustained 256 and burst 1500