How shall i backup configuration of cambium PMP 450i

Hi Everyone,

Can you anyone pls assist me how to backup configuration file of PMP 450i?


Page 294 of the “PMP 450 Series Configuration Guide System Relase r20.0.1.pdf” covers this.

The User Guide can be found here:

It’s under Configuration > Unit Settings. There are options to Download your config, or Upload a new config.

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Is there a way to push or pull a config file to a pmp450 radio using scp & ssh

I’m able to send the config file to the radio using the following command:

scp -O 450.cfg admin@

I don’t know why the -O is necessary but it works. I can telnet or ssh into the radio, type “ls” and the file is there.

ssh -legacy admin@


Next I can load the file by typing “cfgload 450.cfg” which also works.

But this doesn’t: ssh -legacy admin@ “cfgload mpop.cfg”

Other devices I’ve worked with have a shell that has to load when you ssh in, otherwise the standard commands are not available. The work-around is to preface the command with either the shell command or a /folder/opt type which points to where the commands are.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but perhaps as a workaround you could use Expect to spawn the SSH session and send the cfgload command?

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That is an excellent suggestion. Thank you!

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