HOW TO ADD 2 cnPilot R routers in the same cnMaestro AP group

Hello, members
Kindly help.
I have 2 cnPilot R190 routers.
Router1 is the main with an ISP IP on the WAN and on the LAN.
Router2 connects its WAN( to the main router on LAN4.
Router2 has on its LAN.

I need to add the 2 routers to the same AP group without changing their network settings,
Kindly guide

Hi @TimoWanume,

For cnPilot Home you’ll need to set up network settings in the User-Defined Overrides section of the AP Group with overrides set for device-unique values. When you apply the AP Groups to the APs you can set the device-specific values in the Configuration tab for the device or in the Bulk Overrides section for multiple device selection.

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@Jordan kindly guide on how i should direct the configs to the specific router


You can do this by downloading a device’s configuration file to find the keys that should be added to the User-Defined Overrides section. I did a brief search for LAN settings but it will probably be easier for you by searching for the IP address and other settings to be overriden for the device. This may require downloading config files from both APs.

  1. In cnMaestro navigate to the device’s Configuration tab
  2. Click View Device Configuration
  3. Copy/paste the configuration text to an editor
  4. Search for the relevant lines and copy them to the AP Group’s User Defined Overrides

I found the below setting as an example but check your device configuration files to get the correct keys.


In the AP Group I would enter the line as below

For the default IP being This will be used by all APs in the group if an Override is not set for each device.


To have no IP set be default use the below text.


The device will receive


If an Override is not set for a specific device, then the configuration pushed will use the default value that is set after the equals = sign. This configuration will get pushed for all devices in the AP Group so you must ensure the defaults used are appropriate.

You can set device-unique Overrides for devices in the Configuration tab when applying an AP Group. For this example you would see a “LAN_IP” can be entered as a device override.


Thank you so much @Jordan

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