How to adding PMP 430 to cnMaestro


We have some PMP 430 SM with latest v13.4.1 PMP 450 AP and cnMaestro minimum required software is 15.0.1, anyway to adding PMP 430 to cnMaestro.

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Unfortunately, PMP 430 is not supported in cnMaestro.  I would highly recommend upgrading to the current PMP 450 platform equipment.

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FYI, you can upgrade your PMP 430 SM's at least up to 15.2.1 if they are connected to a 450 or 450i AP. It's the PMP 430 AP's that you cannot upgrade past 13.4.1 or 14.2.1 or whatever it was. We have over ~200 430 SM's on 15.1.5/15.2.1 in cnMaestro with no issue. 

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Hey there, I know I am late to this thread, but can you tell me how you upgraded the Sm’s to 15.2.1? I assume that you used CNUT, but I am not clear on how to do that as there aren’t any official 430 SM packages beyond 13.4.1.

You use CNUT and pkg3 images. You use the same image that you’d use for PMP450. The last release train for PMP430 is 16.1.X. You can find those images HERE. For legacy images like 15.2.1, you can find those in the archive area HERE.

Keep in mind this is only true for PMP 430 SMs that are connected to PMP 450 APs. Standalone 430 systems only go up to 13.4.1 as pointed out… this product is long retired and no longer supported by current software releases.

Yep, I was able to upgrade via CNUT to 14.1.2 but any other pkg3 after that gives an Invalid File Image status 211. I did just upgrade CNUT to 4.13 today, but that didn’t help. Any suggestions?

Bueller, bueller, bueller?

What version of software is running on the 450 AP that these are connected to?