How to AutoSync config from cnMaestro to a factory reset cnPilot Router

During outages or any troubles, customers start unplugging cords, power cycling and even factory reseting devices.

With a cnPilot router managed by cnMaestro, we push a custom config with ssid and password to the router. If a customer does a factory reset, I'm not seeing how to auto sync to that factory reset device.

Now we are getting support calls because the customer no longer sees their SSID and working password.

How can we enable those devices in a particular AP group to AutoSync an un-synced device out of cnMaestro?

In order to automatically re-sync a device that has a configuration change made outside of cnMaestro, such as a factory default, Lock AP Configuration should be enabled.  This is located under Application -> Settings -> Advanced Features.  Lock AP Configuration will trigger an automatic resync on a device whenever cnMaestro detects that its configuration has been changed.  This is only applicable to devices that are mapped to an AP Group with Auto Sync enabled.

Please note that this is a system-wide setting.

Out of sync devices can be manually resynced en masse under System -> Sync Configuration.  Here out of sync devices can be selected individually or all out of devices can be selected for resync.  Use this option if you do not want to use Lock AP Configuration system-wide.

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