How to bulk configure the APs from cnMaestro-X

Note: This feature is only available for cnMaestro-X users

Summary: This article demonstrates how to bulk configure the devices from cnMaestro-X at the Networks level.

A Network can have multiple sites managed and sites will have multiple devices managed.

Step 1: Login to your cnMaestro-X and navigate to Networks > System level view > Select the desired Network > Configuration

Step 2: Select the device type we want to configure from the following “Device Type” drop-down list

Note: Device Types can be any of the followings: cnMatrix, cnPilot Enterprise (ePMP Hotspot), cnPilot Home (R-Series), cnReach, cnVision, Enterprise Wi-Fi (E-Series, XE/XV-Series), Enterprise Wi-Fi (Xirrus-Series), ePMP (Sectors), Machfu, NSE, PMP (Sectors), & PTP 820/850

Step 3: Select the devices which we need to configure and click on “Configure”:

Step 4: As soon as click on the ‘Configure’, we will be redirected to another page where we need to choose the AP Group which we need to modify, and all the WLANs will be shown (As follows):

Step 5: Expand the ‘Device-Overrides’ option and following parameters can be configured:

Step 6: Select the device/devices and click on “Bulk Edit” (which is a X feature).

For example: Click on WLANs, and we will be seeing all the assigned WLANs to the selected AP Group. Select the WLAN/WLANs and click on ‘Bulk Edit’ as follows:

Please note: We have the option to bulk ‘import’ and ‘export’ the configuration.
For example: If we want to bulk import the WLANs, please go to the WLANs option under ‘device Overrides’ and click on ‘import’ > Choose the file > Apply.

Note: I have taken the example for the device type ‘Enterprise Wi-Fi (E-Series, XE/XV-Series)’ however we can select all the types of units on-boarded on cnMaestro-X.

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