How to change SSID through command line


I'm new to Cambium radios tecnology.

I am trying to troubleshoot an MTU problem on an MPTP link and I need to change the AP through the command line, but I can not find the exact command for this action.

Could someone help me with this?

Thank You


You can use the sequence of CLI commands below:

* ePMP command line interface *

ePMP2000_d20d59>config show | SSID
wirelessInterfaceSSID ePMP-2000
ePMP2000_d20d59>config set wirelessInterfaceSSID Demo-ePMP-2000
ePMP2000_d20d59>config save
ePMP2000_d20d59>config apply
ePMP2000_d20d59>config show | SSID
wirelessInterfaceSSID Demo-ePMP-2000

The "config show | SSID" just shows the current SSID. To change the SSID, you need the "config set", "config save" and "config apply" commands.

You can find the ePMP CLI User Guide v3.4.1 here.




I try, but i try to change, but i can not change the preferred AP.

I found the command, but the equipment does not recognize it.

This command:

config set wirelessprefferedeAPtable


Sorry, in the SM side, it is a table, so the way to modify it is a bit different...

"config show" will display the entries in the table, as below, if you have already populated the table previously

ePMP1000_cbb2d7>config show


[prefferedAPTable ]

prefferedListTableEntryKEY Cam39-Tai!wdmv
prefferedListTableEntrySSID Demo-ePMP-2000
prefferedListTableSecurityMethod 5


To change the SSID, you have to specify the table and entry first, then parameter followed by the value, as shown below:

config set prefferedAPTable 1 prefferedListTableEntrySSID ePMP-2000

config save

config commit

Make sure the table entry (1 in my example above) in the set command matches the entry you want to change (in square brackets [1] ).