How to configuration VLan trunking over etherchannel (2 ports)?

Hi every one,

I have bought a 2028-P switch. Now i want to configure LAG (2 ports) and vlan trunking vs mikrotik router using Cloud web interface. Please help me config step by step

Many thanks


Here’s the sample of CLI commands to configure ports 25, 26 for LAG (LACP enabled) and assign LAG to the VLANs.

config terminal
interface port-channel 10
no shut
switchport mode trunk           <<<<< set mode to trunk
switchport pvid 2               <<<<< set native vlan

config terminal
interface range ex 0/1-2
channel-group 10 mode active.      <<<<<< enable LACP

show etherchannel 10 detail

You can also configure LAG using the Web GUI.