How to configure and install a 2+0 PTP820s


We already receive the equipment to install one link 2+0 PTP820s on 11GHz, but we can't find help to configure it and to install it correctly, we only found information for other PTP820 models, that are different from our scenario.

The hardware for one side of the link have: 2 radios PTP820s 11GHz on the same sub band, one antenna single polarization and one OMT.

Please, can you share pictures or drawings of how is the connection made?

Please, can you share a procedure to make the configurarion of the two radios? How we set the 2+0?

Also, Is needed to connect a cable between the two radios? Or how the Link aggreation is done? 

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Go here:

Download the eight items listed below.

After you check the release notes and four install guides, please let us know if you have further questions.

I hope this helps!


System Release 9.0

PTP820CS - G2U- Firmware 19-May-17

PTP 820C&S Release Notes

PTP 820C&S User Guide

PTP 820S and 820S Assured Installation Guide

PTP 820C/S PoE Injector Installation Instructions

PTP 820S Technical Description

PTP 820S Quick Install

PTP 820S Quick Start Guide


P.S. Focus on the sections dealing with 2+0, ACAP, MC-ABC (if applicable), LAG (if applicable), etc.


I have check all the documentation about 820s, also I have checkedo some posts. For the hardware installation it has information and some drwawings, but there is no accurate software configuration for the 2+0 ACCP for 820s. There is print screens for the 820c, but that are not usefull in this case.

Is there a way to have that software configuration for 820s 2+0 ACCP?

Also I found a past post, with the following notes:


- PTP820S can't support 2+0 XPIC

- PTP820S doesn't provide physical link aggregation, customer will need external switch for link aggregation (similiar like PTP800 2+0 setup)

These means that the 820s could not perform a 2+0 by itself? The LAG will be done only by a switch?

PTP 820S supports 2+0 Co-Polar ACCP and 2+0 Cross-Polar ACAP.

Please see the attached LINKPlanner files and Installation Reports for each type.

PTP 820S can support internal and external LAG.

With internal LAG, the first radio has a PIPE connecting its radio port to one of its ETH ports, and that ETH port is connected to one of the second radio's ETH ports. The second radio has a LAG group connecting the previous ETH port and its radio port to the final ETH port, which runs down the tower.

With external LAG, each radio has a PIPE connecting their ETH ports to their radio ports. Each ETH port has an Ethernet cable that runs down the tower to a switch that does the LAG.

Please let me know if you'd like me to draw a picture showing the connections.

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Attached are the LINKPlanner files that I used to generate the previous installation reports.

(Our forum was preventing attachment of .ptpprj files. That's fixed now!)

Please be sure to download LINKPlanner so that you can open these files--I hope that this will make things clearer.

Please let me know if you'd like me to draw pictures of the Ethernet services in each case.

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Thanks for the information. I have checked the PDF and Link Planner files. It is clear the hardware requirement.

Now, selecting only the case of 2+0 ACCP. I still have doubts about the configuration.

You mentioned that it is possible to make the LAG using only the PTP820s right? We will need to connect Port 1 from radio A to Port 2 from radio B and only one cable will go down from Port 2 to the switch?

If it is possible to make a drawing with that connection I will appreciate it.

In that case, it will be needed also to add an SFP to have two ports available on one radio, right?

Could you tell me what difference (Pros/Cons) there is using LAG with radios or LAG with switch?

Also, why on another post (that I mentioned on the previous reply) the answer is that 820s not support physical link aggregation?

And finally, I will really appreciate if you can send me print screens of the configuration for the 820s in 2+0.



Did you look here?

Search for the word "LAG" in the search box. That's how I found it.


I hope this helps!


The other post (that said physical aggregation isn't supported on PTP 820S) was probably referring to MC-ABC.

MC-ABC combines two channels at Layer 1 (the physical layer). MC-ABC is extremely efficient.

PTP 820S doesn't support MC-ABC, so aggregation at the "physical layer" isn't supported on PTP 820S.



Thanks for the information. Is clearer the situation. I have some questions about the document:

*  Is it possible to make the configuration like this: Internal LAG + In-band Management + Power PoE. Like the image I have put at the end.

* The SFP for electrical Ethernet to connect the two ETH2 ports, can be from a third-party brand?

* The LAG is configured internal or external, both at the same time is not applicable?

2+0 820s.JPG

With the scenario below, you will not be able to manage the lower radio.

(You can't manage devices "behind" or "inside" a LAG.)

I hope this helps!