How to configure http access through cli on epmp1000

HI all

Can someone help, trying to access epmp1000 through browser but is not working, unit is online and pingable, http was turned off in the gui what i was told, https and http is not working, used IE and firefox, no luck

what I did so far was

config set httpPort 8080 or 80

config set web service 1

config apply

config save



Please find example from my board:

ePMP1000_c6f7ab>config set httpPort 80
ePMP1000_c6f7ab>config set webService 1
ePMP1000_c6f7ab>config save
ePMP1000_c6f7ab>config apply

Please try it one more time on your ePMP device.

Thank you.

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Thanks for your input , I solved the issue, what i did :80 after the ip in the browser, only had to do it once.